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At Trittium, we do not care about the type of market or conditions in which we find ourselves; we continue to develop and launch new tools.

In this case, through the trttnodes platform ( our goal is to launch the best possible hosting platform, making invest in masternodes an easy and straightforward task.

To do that, we can not stop innovating, since, as leaders in insta-shared nodes we have to be the reference of the market, that is our objective.


These are some of the new features you will see.

  • Now, we are 100% mobile-friendly.
  • We changed the logic for showing the landing page. From now on the users who are logged in on the platform will be redirected directly to the Dashboard page instead of Landing. Only those with no active session will go to the Landing page.
  • New section “Coins” with special offers, coins list and dedicated page with data for each coin.


Got improved with:

  • Platform summary like (currently working Instant Nodes, Hosted nodes, Investments, Coins burned and PoCon rewards distributed).
  • Trittium info block showing current TRTT wallet balance, Fees paid in TRTT, current TRTT price and options to Deposit or Buy TRTT.
  • Service fees information block.
  • Active Investments and Hosted nodes lists.
  • Currently active promotions.


  • Special offers.
  • List of supported coins and info about each one of them.


My Investments = Insta Shared Nodes.

My Nodes: Cold Hosting.

  • We kept the tables lists but made the tables responsive so that they can be easily browsed or managed by any device.
  • TRTT info block added.
  • Portfolio summary and single investment/node useful data is now presented in this section’s pages.
  • Service fees details are presented on each page as well and promotional offers.


Wallets section improvements:

  • Most important is that now we have wallets list page with filters and sorting for easy access to the desired wallet.
  • Wallet page got some additional features like action buttons (deposit, invest, setup node, withdraw), deposit address with QR code and an option to copy, export or print transactions listed in the table.

New section “Address book”. We have added this feature that only the web wallet had before, so now users can store their addresses on the platform and have easier access to it.

And don’t forget the new header shortcut to deposit, withdraw, set up a node or invest into an insta- shared node.

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