Pay your fees in Trittium

That’s the reason for our existence!!!

Since the first day, when we released the trttNodes platform, all the Trittium team repeats the same: Pay your fees in Trittium.

The reason? Easy, if people do not use Trittium to pay … why do we want it? What’s its use case? No one.

So it is clear for us since the first day, please, use Trittium!!!!


I understand that if you are not a Trittium investor and you like to use the trttNodes platform, it is effortless to pay your fees in the same coin than you receive your rewards, so, you deposit your investment and forget about costs, the system will get them from your rewards….. that’s true.

But did you think about the consequences?

What do you think we make with those fees in other coins that we collect? We have no option; we are forced to sell them to pay servers and operational costs, so, in the end, what do you get? That we are selling coins in the same market where you want a higher price, so we are going against your investment (in a minimal % but we have to do it).

So, it is clear. It is better for you to pay your fees in Trittium.


Here there is no doubt.

When you pay with Trittium you know what we do with the coins we collect:

  • We burn 25% of them.
  • We send back to you another 25% of the coins we collect.
  • We get the other 50% to pay operational costs.

About the 50%, we collect as fees for Trittium, remember we don’t sell coins while the market is so cheap, so we don’t dump to damage your investments.

So, paying in Trittium, you get:

  • Higher price for your investment, as we burn 25% of the coin we collect.
  • Fees go back to you as Masternode holder.

As you can see, in the end, you are paying much less when you pay in Trittium.

For now, we receive 90% of our incomes in Trittium, we know 100% is impossible, but let’s try to get at least 95%, with that:

  • We will burn more coins.
  • We will increase Trittium demand.
  • Price will grow.

Thanks for reading!!!!!

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