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And now? What happens?
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Trittium project genesis block is from May 05 2018, so we can say it is one year and two months old. Not too much in real life but a lot at Crypto.

When it started, the only coin purpose was clear: To be the fees payment measure for a P2P loans platform.

A considerable amount of investors liked the idea since the first moment, and the project become in one of the biggest new Masternodes projects in the crypto sphere.

Some months later Trittium team realized that get the license to operate crypto/fiat was not an easy task, or at least not so easy as lawyers said in the first times.

In a brilliant action, Trittium founder, decided to create the , a hosting and investment platform, where everyone could invest since 10€ into a masternode in an easy, fast and profitable way. Some months later, the platform launched their cold nodes hosting, ready to play in the hosting market.

Meanwhile, people started to ask continuously about the license, as it didn’t arrive yet. Finally, some days ago, license arrived, and now we can think about next steps.

But what happened all this time into the project?

  • Trittium is a respected and known project in all the masternode world.
  • Tritium community is bigger and bigger everyday, with more than 7,300 Discord users.
  • Trittium team members know other teams from the masternode community and will be easier to get new agreements with them.
  • Trittium community is bigger and bigger everyday, and all the active members send excellent feedback to new ones, spreading a trustless idea to all the crypto society.
  • We learned about UI with the trttNodes platform. Our devs are ready to implement new and fresh ideas from experience received at the Nodes platform.


Now we have the license. This is:

The license allows us to make this:
Providing services of exchanging virtual currency against a fiat currency FVR000896 —

We can do it up to $ 15,000 without KYC (Know your Customer)

First of all, we are updating the trttLoans platform UI (User Interface).

With this, we hope to have some loans made in 40–45 days from now, with this, we are speaking about Mid August as the launching target.

The license will allow us to deploy new business and features, like sell directly to fiat or create trttPay a new tool valid for several markets and able to let them change crypto/fiat directly.

A new world with new and different business options is here. We will stay and grow in the short, medium and long term, make this travel with us!!!

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Tritium is a revolutionary intermediary platform that allows for fast and easy peer-to-peer loans backed by crypto collateral.