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Trittium Help Bot

We Innovate!!
Nov 4, 2018 · 3 min read

As many of you already know, at Trittium we always like to develop in-house software.
Various reasons lead us to this:

  • It’s cheaper, so we save our investors money.
  • We get better products, 100% adapted to our needs.
  • We can debug and do post development faster.
  • We don’t get 3rd parties unnecessary lines of code
  • We have rights on the software, which allow us, sometimes, to market it to third parties.

Today is the time to introduce trttHelpBot.
Developed by smuhter, member of the Trittium support team, trttHelpBot has the mission to help the community with the most common support questions on a daily basis.

Where does it work?

You can find the trttHelpBot on the Trittium Discord server - channels #help-wallet, #help-masternodes and #help-staking.

Within each channel bot can help you to solve issues and overcome challenges with the corresponding trttServices. So just make sure you are in the right channel and ask the bot for help.
Bot has been developed just for Trittium community and it’s service is based on the help requests of our investors. Guided by the “AI” now members can solve themselves almost all of the problems that our community have ever faced.
Of course, there will always be someone from the team or community ready to give a hand in case the bot support is not enough.

Getting it going is simple. You just have to say “hello” when you get to the channel.

The Bot supports greetings in different languages, so it is activated with the following written texts:

“hello” “hallo” “hi” “hey” “dear” “yo” “sup” “hiya” “morning” “howdy” “g’day” “g’day” “aloha” “ciao” “hola” “привет” “здравствуйте” “здравей” “nihao” “你好” “grützi”

You will know if it is activated because it will respond in a moment with the following text:

As you can see, you only have to type !help to activate it.
From there, different options appear depending on the channel you are running it.


There will be no more doubts, concerns or obstacles with wallet malfunction for you.

Your wallet does not syncing?
trttHelpBot can also helps you with !troubleshoot(ing):


In addition to the guides and basic instructions in #help-masternode channel, the bot provides detailed step by step guides to solve the five of the most common issues that we found on our network.

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Our bot know a lot about staking as well…

For example, if your wallet is not staking, you can turn to the bot with !Requirements command and it will provide you with the necessary conditions to get active staking:

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