Thoughts from the Journey


There is no doubt that in my life I have experienced numerous events, some sad, some horrific, some happy. None greater or less important than any of my fellow friends have experienced.

Each individual event has a wide range of emotions; fear, sadness, anger, joy, etc. Your mind truly is just like the kids movie “Inside Out” (thanks to my son for reminding me of the name). Each emotion toying with another to make its impression on each event or memory in your life.

I have been left feeling all sorts of ways after my experiences, some high, some low, seem really low.

After each event I’ve searched for a way to RECOVER back to the normal me.

Through all the searches and journeys, I’ve come to realize there is no perfect RECOVERy to get back to “normal.” (If there is still a normal) disclaimer: there are some horrible ways when used in excess or without caution.

We all have our own RECOVERy methods. Some may be the same however, many are different. One event may warrant one method and another event may warrant a completely different method.

Each event causes a change to your “normal,” it moves the bar a little higher or lower. 
Each event molds who you are today which is never the same as you were yesterday.

The commonality of all the events is the act of RECOVERy. You see if I fail to RECOVER back to my new emotional equilibrium, one single event could cause me to make catastrophic decisions. Decisions that can or will potentially alter my life forever (I.e. Contemplating suicide because of depression, robbing a bank because you’re broke, etc). We all know a story or two of some one who failed to RECOVER before it was too late.

I have had my share of struggles within myself to see past the current moment. To avoid getting wrapped up inside my current emotions caused by one singular event.

So believe me, if you are currently in one of these struggles, you’re not alone. No matter how difficult the emotions of your situation are making you feel today, you will RECOVER.

I’ve always meant it when I have said “no matter what you’re going through today, it’s temporary!”

As I close today’s thoughts, I want to open my arms to anyone who may be struggling today with any situation. These are not always low moments either, you may have a high emotion event that you are struggling with as well. You are not alone.

The goal of every event is to RECOVER!

Be memorable!

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