Let’s Build |> a Slack Clone with Elixir, Phoenix, and React (part 2— Backend Authentication)
Ben Hansen

I think this is a pretty great tutorial but some of the resources have updated/changed (guardian made some changes with v1.0, for one). When I get through the signup process in Part 3, I see the post request in phoenix, but I get an invalid-token error from Guardian:

`MyApp.Guardian.AuthErrorHandler.auth_error(%Plug.Conn{…}, {:invalid_token, %CaseClauseError{term: {:error, {:badarg, [“null”]}}}}, [realm_reg: ~r/Bearer:? +(.*)$/i, realm: “Bearer”])`

and in the conn I have this in the req_headers:

{“authorization”, “Bearer: null”}

But this makes sense since there was never any token stored in the first place for api.js to get. So on signup, Guardian won’t ever allow the request get through since the token doesn’t exist yet, right? Am I missing something?