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Sep 7 · 8 min read

The Trojan DAO is now open for participation! Anyone can make a pledge to join the Trojan DAO through the interface created by DAOHaus By offering a tribute of ideas, work or funds, you can now make a proposal to join the Trojan DAO and participate in its governance.

We have generated a guide to walk you through the onboarding process:

But first: What is the Trojan DAO?

The Trojan DAO is a cultural organization that is directed collectively by its participants, the first of its kind with the goal of using blockchain for coordinating the distribution of funds in the cultural field without bureaucracies and committees, transparently and immutably. Trojan is a coordination mechanism allowing its members to experiment with collective governance for culture in ways that were never before possible.

But our intentions in launching the Trojan DAO go beyond creating just another organization, rather, it is an experiment to transform the very concept of a cultural organization, into an evolving collaborative work of performance art, that can be participated in and exited just as easily. The future organizations for art will themselves be artworks!

Trojan is a DAO for the creative community — Rather than having cultural policy dictated from the “top-down” the Trojan DAO proposes a radical alternative: By pooling funds in the form of Ether, creative teams, artists, developers and patrons can collectively fund cultural work, and the creation of shared infrastructure for cultural practices, while all participants can be involved in the decision-making for the distribution of funds through voting, organizing around the common interests, values and artistic visions of its evolving community. The Trojan DAO seeks to enable resources to be allocated quickly, transparently and effectively to where they are most needed, without the red-tape and bureaucracy of conventional cultural institutions, connecting creators and communities unhindered by borders and capital restrictions, so as to fund efforts that might have otherwise gone unfunded.

Ultimately, the Trojan DAO is whatever its member’s collective imagination wants it to be. Proposals for the creation of art, events, short and long-term projects, or research efforts are welcome. Through executing proposals, the Trojan DAO can do almost anything that the collective imagination of its participants directs it to do, including:

  • Organising decentralised exhibitions and events
  • Support art-blockchain collaborative projects
  • Partnering with other organizations
  • Flashfunding activistic interventions
  • Coordinate the creation of common infrastructure for art, both cybernetic and physical.

We want to see more art-blockchain projects coming into existence! The future of art is decentralised, but we need coordination mechanisms to traverse the path from chaotic energy to form.

If you are aligned with our goals of putting blockchain technologies to use to transform how cultural work is organised and participated in - join us! Let’s embark on this journey together!

In this guide, we will go through the steps to make the first pledge for joining the Trojan DAO.

For this tutorial, we will be using Metamask.

The initial onboarding will be done through

Coming into existence at ETHBerlin by the Odyssy team (the team behind Pokémol, the mobile-first Moloch frontend) DAOHaus is focused on the social aspects and interoperability of DAOs and their members. DAOHaus aims to be a DAO discovery and deployment tool, as well as the beginning of a social network for DAOs. Consider it an experiment in mass DAO distribution. A tool to see what humans use DAOs for, and design and build to enhance their purpose and coordination.


  1. If you don't already have one, you will need a Metamask account.

Guide to creating a Metamask account: here

We have also created a video guide to installing Metamask:

2. The Trojan DAO uses wETH. wETH is simply ETH wrapped in an ERC20 standard.

To make a pledge to the Trojan DAO you will need to have a minimum of 0.3 wETH in your Metamask account.

It is very easy to convert ETH into wETH. Once you have at least 0.3 ETH loaded into your Metamask account you can convert it by following these steps.

Now that you have some wETH to pledge:

Step 1: Go to and click “Sign in with Ethereum”

Step2: Click “TrojanDAO” and Click “Pledge to Join”

Step 3: Your task is now to convince existing Trojan DAO members to vote for you to join the DAO. You do this by submitting a proposal. Once it is voted on by existing members, if your proposal is successful, you will be awarded the number of shares you requested in exchange for your tribute. If not, the tribute amount will be returned to you.

For Membership proposal:

Your name. You can also pledge anonymously/pseudonymously.

Some background information about you: Enter the new member’s answers to a few brief questions on your background in the space and your vision for the Trojan DAO, to ensure vision alignment with other Trojan members.

How can you contribute to the Trojan DAO (work, skills, funds, other resources)?

What kinds of projects do you want to see get funded?

What have you worked on in the Art and/or the Ethereum space?

For a Project proposal

Do you have an idea for a project to propose to the Trojan DAO?

Your proposal should specify the following:

A project for the DAO to support. Description including roadmap, milestones and any supportive material and links. You can compose the proposal in google docs and attach as a link in the description field.

Join the Trojan DAO as a Patron/Sponsor:

  • Your name, or the name of the organization you are pledging as.
  • Some information about yourself or your organization, including links to websites).
  • Pledging amount = 0.3 wETH minimum. Pledges should be equal to the amount of shares requested.
  • Shares = If you are proposing to join the Trojan DAO as a sponsor/patron, then you should request a number of shares equal to the pledging amount.

Joining the Trojan DAO as a sponsor is a very different experience of how other patronage and sponsorship mechanisms for the arts work. All funds entering the Trojan DAO are pooled inside the Trojan Bank. Sponsors/Patrons are able to participate directly in the governance of the Trojan DAO by voting together with the other community of members on which proposals to fund, in the form of shares. At any time, the Trojan DAO allows any member to cash out their shares instead of spending money on a proposal they disagree with. This is called Ragequitting, which we will cover in more depth in the next article. When they Ragequit, they will get a part of the Trojan Bank proportional to the weight of their voting share.

In all cases the process of joining the Trojan DAO is the same:

  • Pledging amount = 0.3 wETH minimum but feel free to pledge more to gain more voting power! Alternatively to contributing funds, you can also offer to perform work to the TrojanDAO, in exchange for shares.
  • Shares = A number of shares to be awarded to the prospective member in exchange for the pledge that you are making to the Trojan DAO, either in capital or work. Shares represent voting power in the Trojan DAO: one share = one vote. So each member’s voting power is proportional to their percentage of overall shares. Shares also represent access to a percentage of the pooled value inside the Trojan Bank. Members can, at any time, withdraw their shares in exchange for the capital that they represent in the Trojan Bank.

Step 4: Add your information and click “Pledge”!

By requesting an equal amount of pledge and shares, you will own voting rights inside the Trojan DAO in proportion to the amount you sponsored. Funds are disbursed through the Ragequitting mechanism. Work contributors apply for and are granted shares if approved.

(Optional): Click “Profile” to create a social profile on3Box

This will allow you to set additional information such as your profile image, social media account, and so on. This step is entirely optional.

OK, what next?

If everything works as intended, you should see something like this ready to join:

At some point, contact the Summoner by leaving a message in the Trojan DAO forum. They will create a proposal on the Trojan DAO to add you as a member.

When the Trojan DAO interface is up and running (in the next few days!) it will allow existing members to make new proposals and vote for them. We will explain the steps in detail in the next guide in the series.

Once the proposal is on the Trojan DAO, its processing will be done in the following order.

  • In Queue (5 hours) = If you find any mistakes, we can abort the request if there were mistakes. The request will stack up in this phase.
  • Voting Period (2 days) = Existing members will vote on each proposal.
  • Grace Period (1 day)= Anyone who voted against can rage quit.
  • Ready For Process = Anyone can process (and receives 0.03 ETH reward).

Reach out to the Trojan DAO community!


Check out the @TrojanDAO Twitter

Reach out at our public forum:

The Trojan Discourse forum was created to enable public discussion about the ongoing development of the Trojan DAO and potential proposals to be processed. Members and non-members welcome!

Use the Trojan forum to: Introduce yourself! Post any questions that you may have. Post proposals for projects that the Trojan and/or build teams around proposal drafts, to test out ideas and iterate, gain feedback. Comment or provide feedback on other’s proposals, and to give feedback or suggestions on how the Trojan DAO can be improved.

Trojan DAO

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A network of artists & developers, co-creating a new cultural economy through blockchain from the ground-up. Starting from Athens, Greece

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