Slowly and painfully — it’s somewhat exhausting to be honest.
A Voiceless Nation

I applaud your commitment and approach, for sure. I agree that the battle is against bad ideas. I can’t believe that Tomi Lahren is inherently “bad” — she’s caught up in the right wing infotainment echo chamber, and popular… for the time being. Most people regard Ann Coulter as a clown, and once upon a time she was the queen bee of white girl wingnuts.

How do you then teach the talking heads, when they are performing for their key demographic? Millions of followers: that’s a big audience, and they’ve come to expect certain things. A change of heart is usually not one of them.

You know, though, perhaps we’ll see: Glenn Beck seems to have come around on some of his more horrifying positions, and Charles Johnson steered LGF away from its freepy demo.

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