In-depth Analysis of the Sun Network DAppChain

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What is the Sun Network solution

The Sun Network solution is a scaling solution aiming at prospering the TRON MainNet, including smart contract DAppChain, cross-chain communication and other scaling projects. DAppChain is a side chain scaling solution related to the TRON smart contract. The solution allows for low energy consumption, high security and high efficiency for the on-chain operation of DApps, and provides unlimited scaling capacity for the TRON MainNet to support the growing transaction number.

DAppChain features

By customizing DAppChain parameters, we can achieve higher free energy ceiling, lower unit price for burning energy, quicker node consensus realization, shorter time for proposals to take effect, and longer time frame for smart contract execution.

Higher free energy ceiling:

The decoupling between the transaction pressure of DAppChain and MainNet allows for a higher free energy ceiling — even enabling zero cost for all transactions on the side chain.

Lower unit price for burning energy:

DAppChain can set the unit price for burning energy as 1/100 of that of the main chain or lower, providing developers with a very cost-efficient development experience.

Speedier node consensus realization:

By adjusting the parameters, DAppChain can accelerate the block generation process, reduce the number of Witness, and speed up transaction confirmation. In the future, more consensus mechanisms will be introduced to further facilitate the consensus realization.

Shorter time for proposals to take effect:

DAppChain can be configured to reduce the time for a proposal to take effect from days to hours.

Longer time frame for smart contract execution:

With different parameters, DAppChain smart contract transaction can prolong the time frame for smart contract execution by 10 times or more from 50ms, thus supporting complex smart contract transactions.

Guarantee of asset safety for users:

At the first stage, DAppChain will adopt the DPoS mechanism of side chain to ensure the consensus and correctness of side chain transactions themselves. In the meantime, we use smart contracts on the main chain and side chain to make sure that assets on the side chain are safe and able to be withdrawn correctly.

Comprehensive ecosystem:

The Sun Network will provide comprehensive development toolset to support DAppChain, compatible with the main chain, supporting multiple platforms to lower learning costs for developers with increased efficiency.

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