Let’s Sail Again
About 10%TRX Airdrop of TRON

Thank every believer for standing with us unhesitatingly since TRON was born. In these last three months, we’ve been through unbelievable industry changes, where excitement and depression, doubt and belief are interwoven. Now, every believer and TRON are stronger than ever.

Now, TRON is gaining momentum in the overseas expansion that the number of TRON holders has exceeded 150,000, and after acknowledged by famous exchanges overseas like Liqui and HitBTC, its total market value is over 100 million dollars, rising to top 50 among global virtual currencies.

Over the past three months, it is because of every believer’s persistence and support that we never thought about giving up since we know the strength behind us, the responsibility on our shoulders, and how great the future is.

Heartfelt thanks to every believer! The days to come will be yours!

To express appreciation for firm believers who have been rooting for us and to reduce your cost of holding TRX, 10% TRX Airdrop Plan, which was forced to be postponed due to technical reasons, will be restarted. The specific information and attention are as follows.

Target accounts of this airdrop include:

1. TRON official website (tronlab.com) account’s TRX balance will be directly airdropped to the balance of the website account
2. Ethereum address, including official wallet Ethereum Wallet and TRX in third-party wallets such as imToken, MyEtherWallet, Jaxx and Parity — will directly airdrop to corresponding address

Attention!!! TRX in exchanges account needs to be withdrawn to Ethereum address of a certain wallet and TRX balance in the account must be over 10 to receive this airdrop.

Airdrop Time (Beijing Time UTC+8)
- October 30 11:00 am Snapshot of account (TRX in the account at the moment is the basis of the calculation of airdrop amount)
- October 30- November 3 Give out airdrop amount to each account

*If you have any question about this airdrop, please contact service@tronlab.com.

Tron Foundation reserves the right to final explanation;
TRON firmly believe that the world of blockchain technology will be a brave new world with bright prospects. However, this journey is perilous that countless people will go under, at last, only the most determined and the bravest sailors could sail through wind and waves and reach the destination.
From now on, let’s sail again.

The road ahead is unknown, but if we walk side by side, we will be more expecting, more fearless and more determined than ever before.

Thank you all again!
Tron Foundation
October 18, 2017