[New Version Release] TRON Mainnet Update: Odyssey-v.1.0.6

On May 7, 2018, TRON Mainnet was updated to Odyssey-v.1.06 with a number of new features. Besides the bandwidth-based mode in transfer, we have introduced vote freeze, vote defreeze and reward redemption. Most modules and mechanisms have undergone an optimization, with an improved overall performance, signaling steady progress in our development.

Main Features:

1. Add Bandwidth-based mode, remarkably alleviating the threat of DDoS attacks to account transfer.

2. Add Vote freeze/defreeze and vote redemption.

3. Add Function test module (TESTNG)

4. Add Multi-thread parallel verification/signature module, significantly enhancing overall TPS

5. Optimize P2P module, visibly improving broadcast efficiency

6. Optimize Storage performance by introducing a memory-efficient indexing mechanism

7. Elaborate on the interaction protocol, with a much-improved ranking system concerning bad nodes.

8. Fix a number of known bugs.

Get TRON Odyssey-v.1.0.6 at

Lucien Chen, CTO of TRON notes that “this update offers much smoother connections, higher TPS thanks to concurrency techniques, and a more wholesome, more decentralized voting system.”

Blockchain is decentralized, making DDoS a prime threat to any public chain. To neutralize this beast and offer a more fluent, more secure experience, Odyssey-v.1.0.6 highlights the “bandwidth-based mode” in transfer. Our efforts for a prosperous global decentralized ecosystem have been and will be embodied in our incessant iterations.

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