TRON Accelerator Concluded Successfully — Winning Project Will Soon Be Launched on (DAppHouse)

TRON’s developer contest, TRON Accelerator, ended on a successful note. During the past month, around 1000 blockchain enthusiasts and developers from the TRON’s global community took part in the contest. In the end, 113 quality blockchain projects from around the world shared the $1 million prize and R&D fund. The winning DApps have already been launched on (DAppHouse), TRON’s official DApp platform. We welcome blockchain followers from home and abroad to visit the platform and try out the DApps.

The DApps developed by participants cover various areas: games, transactions, wallets, social, artificial intelligence, etc. Thanks to TRON’s network performance advantage and active user base, many DApps were warmly received by users shortly after launch. Both user numbers and transaction numbers have increased significantly. Achievements like this not only brought big prizes to passionate developers, they also reaffirmed the community’s conviction in TRON’s network performance and mass application of TRON’s DApps.

The conclusion of the contest is not the end, but the beginning of a new chapter. TRON will continue to provide a performing stage for global developers. As TRON’s official application platform, (DAppHouse) creates a great environment for developers to display their DApps and for users to share their user experience. TRON encourages global developers to submit their own DApps to (DAppHouse) and blockchain enthusiasts to try out the DApps and offer your valuable feedback and comments with developers on (DAppHouse). Let us work together to bring the TRON ecosystem to a new level!

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