TRON Developer Guide — Energy Costs Table

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In the course of writing, testing, and debugging your smart contract, it is advisable to be mindful of the opcode call costs. Below is a table with call Energy usage estimates, cost classification tier, operation notes, and energy calculation notes. If you wish to estimate energy costs for deploying or triggering smart contract, please refer to Tron Station which has an energy tool can help you.

For the Cost Tier, the classification is as follows:

  • ZeroTier: 0 sun expended
  • BaseTier: Approximately 2 sun expenditure
  • VeryLowTier: Approximately 3 sun expenditure
  • MidTier: Approximately 8 sun expenditure
  • HighTier: Approximately 10 sun expenditure
  • ExtTier: Approximately 20 sun expenditure
  • SpecialTier: Custom amount of energy expenditure. Can be very high.

You can also check the spreadsheet on Google Doc.

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