TRX is now available on Indacoin

TRON public chain Mainnet asset — TRX is now available on cryptocurrency exchange Indacoin. Tron (TRX) can be purchased in USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, and RUB. Visa and Mastercard are accepted but the cards have to support 3d Secure function. The average time for acquiring the coins is 15–30 minutes!

About Indacoin

Indacoin is an exchange built on the basis of the anti-fraud platform. It uses a cutting-edge technology to detect and prevent fraudulent attempts to purchase digital coins with banking cards. The system analyzes more than 30 different factors for client evaluation to make the most accurate client scores. The goal of Indacoin is the simplification of the investing process in digital assets. The company was founded in 2014 in London (UK) and has been working worldwide.

Indacoin has also developed mobile apps for iOS and Android where you guys can not only buy Tron using credit cards but exchange TRX to other cryptocurrencies and vice-versa and sell them. An awesome feature is the funds received after the sale of cryptocurrency can be withdrawn back to the banking card.

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