Freedom is not free.

“We know that we are fighting for freedom to shape our life according to our own ideas.” -F.A. Hayek

“I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country.”-Nathan Hale

We are not trying to go all political here. That is not why we exist. We just want to show our appreciation for all the men and women who have served, fought and died so that our country may remain free. It is because of them that we can move beyond the basic levels of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. It is because of them that we can pursue our dreams, start companies and create things in general (art, film, communities, etc.). It is because of them that we can have long term outlooks on our economy knowing we are relatively safe to plan for the future. Supporting our troops goes beyond a political debate. Supporting our troops is about recognizing the opportunities we have in the United States and realizing these come at a price. Supporting our troops is recognizing what they are fighting for. There is evil in the world and unfortunately it’s not going away. If necessary, look beyond the past 15 years and back to the Second World War. The world would be different and likely much less free without the US military. In that light, “support our troops” takes on a deeper rooted significance. Freedom is not free.

When you watch a movie like American Sniper, it is important to see the other side of the battle. It’s critical to see that, regardless, these are human lives being taken. But, it’s also important to recognize that two towers fell on September 11, 2001 and 2,977 innocent American civilians died. Obviously war is not that simple, and it is not simply the good versus the bad. War and international politics are extremely complicated. But do not forget that if you reside in America and benefit from its safe institutions remember how these are achieved: blood, sweat and tears. It is important to remember that soldiers were or are fighting for you and that there was, is and likely always will be those interested in the demise of the United States. Service men and women like Chris Kyle are heroes. It would be interesting to hear any sort of credible debate against this; we doubt one exists. Furthermore, it’s critical to remember that soldiers don’t choose if the US goes to war or not. That’s entirely someone else’s job…

Freedom is not free.

Since we are a company, it is natural for us to take an economically driven approach to supporting the US military. We recognize they give us the stability to operate and make a living. To some this may sound selfish, but it is a very tangible and immediate way to appreciate American soldiers in our everyday lives. Calling them our service women and men is not a misnomer. They are serving the interests of the American people while in the military. They are performing necessary duties for us as Americans to remain free. For that, we are eternally grateful. We hope other Americans may share our sentiment and remember that American troops allow us to feasibly pursue our dreams.

In conclusion, freedom is not free and will likely never be. We can only hope that the price of freedom becomes less human lives and more machines (drones, robots, etc.) in the future. Regardless, it will be our military defending our national security and they deserve our support.

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