La Afro-latina; Celia Cruz

We often talk about African-Americans, but we don’t talk about people of African descent in the diaspora. The late Celia Cruz was a famous Afro-Cuban singer who endured racism due to her color, but her unique voice and natural ability to perform prevailed. Celia’s famous word azucar (which means sugar in Spanish) paid homage to her African ancestors, who were enslaved in Cuba in order to harvest sugar cane . Her pride to be of African descent is also displayed in her hit song “La Negra Tiene Tumba’o” — which loosely translates to mean that black girl is beautiful and has swag. She also sang songs like “La Vida Es Un Carnaval” and “Guantanamera” Her music is famous throughout Latin America.

Even after her death people are still honoring her life, Telemundo created a fictional series called Celia inspired by her life and the life of her spouse Pedro Knight. The Afro-Puerto Rican, actress Jeimy Osorio is portraying Celia. Jeimy has played on other Telemundo series such as;Maid in Manhattan and Santa Diabla.

Jeimy, is doing a great job bringing more color to Telemundo. Many have criticized Telemundo for barely showing indigenous looking Hispanics or Afro-latinos in their novelas (soap-operas). Many organizations like Proyecto Mas Color have fought to dispel the idea that all Hispanics look white. Jeimy’s presence on Telemundo is a start, in terms of Afro-Latino representation in the media.

If you would like to see Jeimy on Ceilia you can see her on Telemundo. If you do not speak Spanish you can follow Telemundo’s Youtube channel where they post the shortened version of their episodes with English captions. But you must know that they post episodes on their Youtube much later after airing on television.

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