Why We Should Stop Saying We Are American

The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg pulled a Raven-Symone. She boldly stated:

“You know what this is my country. My mother, my grandmother, my great-grand folks, we busted a## to be here. I’m sorry. I’m an American, not an African-American, I’m not a chick American, I’m an American!”

She said this after one of her co-host Joy Behar, made a joke about a large amount of people leaving America if Trump gets elected into office. But I feel that no black person should declare that they are just Americans sans the African hyphen. Wait let me explain. Yes, I’m an American, but I’m also black. Being black in America can never be a colorblind situation. I understand what Whoopi Golberg was saying that she shouldn’t have to leave America because her family has been here for a long time and endured so much to be here and deserve all the respect of any other American but we don’t get the same respect. There is nothing more obvious than being a black person. The whole world sees us as different.

We cannot go into a store, a bank or a job interview without our blackness being seen. Or people deciding if we are one of the good blacks. Let’s be honest did all of the police who murdered unarmed black men see an American? Did the man who killed a black youth over loud music see an American? No, they saw black people. They don’t care how many times we call ourselves American they will still be assigning stereotypes of fried chicken, R&B, rap and over-aggressive behavior. I once sat at a lunch table and a white girl heard another white girl say “She be” and then she replied:

“I would expect that from Kiara but not from you”
Did this woman see her equal? Was it a table full of people the same as her? Saying that your American is like saying your colorblind. You’re ignoring the obvious. Do you hear Chinese people saying, “I’m not Chinese I’m American” No. It’s called pride. I don’t want to not see myself nor deny that my ancestors came from Africa. If a black American traveled to Italy or Spain they would be mistaken for African.

Black people are practicing self-hate when they preach this I’m American stuff. Let’s look at American history. Our ancestors came as Africans, were prohibited from practicing their religion or speaking their native tongue and the next generation were taught to look down on Africans and told that they were cannibals. The following generations wanted to fit into American (white) society so bad. They did everything to become American. They joined wars and faced racism in the military. They protested to be near white people in school and in the workplace, which resulted into them being hung or put in jail. Now, we have a half-Kenyan president and he has never received the respect he deserved because he is half-black. So Whoopi and Raven can keep saying they are American until they are blue in the face but the rest of the world says otherwise.

Sorry, I know my history and won’t allow anyone to trick me into not wanting to be seen for what I am. The problem isn’t what we are called but rather how we are treated.

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