7 Things Everyone Should Do To Become More ‘Spiritually Enlightened’ ..

I want more from life ... I don’t know were to start.. And without support, I don’t even know if I want the life of my dreams.

So how do I begin the journey of a lifetime to achieve Unbelievable Success?

If you’re not willing to ask better questions of your current life, then you most certainly will miss what it is you have been waiting for all this time. You most certainly will remain in a life that repeats itself, and you will become increasingly frustrated and annoyed with every day you delay !

That’s ok, because you will get many opportunities to chase your dreams from now on. The question is …. How many years will you wait to finally decide it’s time?

Begin To Ask Better Questions And You Will Turn The MAGICAL KEY …

This article is designed to challenge your current way of life, but more importantly your current beliefs. Too many people continue their entire lives with one set of permanent beliefs, allowing each day to be a repeat of the one before, this approach not only robs you of your health and sanity, but it also robs you of UNBELIEVABLE SUCCESS IN LIFE.

Read — and Re-read this article in its entirety. If you find it to be challenging, that’s great. It is helping to trigger your ‘outdated’ beliefs, patterns and habitual thinking. Your job then is simple … When you feel a triggered belief, pattern or habit arise, simply challenge that belief to see if it is still serving your best interests in chasing your dreams. Does what you believe (or what you have been told to believe) actually get you one step closer to ‘Unbelievable Success’.

I know, I get it ..

It’s far easier to walk with the pack, slipping in and out of the crowd without being noticed. Life continually presents opportunities for you and I to shine, but sadly we fear what ‘others’ might say about us if we shine in all our glory.. So we continue to meander with the crowd and swallow the beliefs that have been passed down to us.

You can change it all …

Your true destiny awaits …

You only have to ask better questions and begin to challenge your entire belief system. It sounds like a lot of ‘Learning’ I know, but I promise you there is not one piece of learning involved.. For you to breakthrough into the life of your dreams, you need only ‘UNLEARN’ from here on in !

People like you only cross my path, when they are ready to ask the big questions. So I already know why we are having this conversation :)

The 7 Powerful Things:

  • Become An Emotional Warrior
  • Allow Time To Disappear
  • Find The Gaps
  • Be Mindful
  • Challenge it all
  • Turn On Your Intuition
  • Ask Superior Questions

1. Become An Emotional Warrior …

How do you know when you are heading in the direction, of the life you were born to live? Well .. Initially you get no support, it feels way easier to go back to your simple life and you have no idea of where and when it will end… But the clearest indication of all that you are destined for far greater things, is that you are tested emotionally in what seems to be every twist and turn of your life.

Your partner challenges you, work is just not the same, your finances never improve, your friends no longer support the ‘new you’, and your boss … Well your boss is another thing altogether !

The best thing that all of these have in common, is the opportunity to ask a different question. “Is my old reaction allowing me to ‘unlearn’ my old ways?” When one can learn to stand in unwavering belief, no matter what the turmoil that surrounds, life will unfold as if by magic. A new set of eyes are born, and opportunities never again pass us by.

But first you must master your emotions!

This is one of the most potent of all the gifts … because it is one of the most powerfully transforming things you will ever do ! Become the master of your emotions and you will never be forced to act out of alignment again, you will allow your individual music to PROUDLY shine like never before..

2. Allow Time To Disappear …

How many times have you sped through the amber light, how many times have you focussed on your watch instead of your work, how many times have you wished for the day to be over, so the weekend would finally begin?

My first question is … At what expense do you do any, or all of the above?

*** Note *** At this stage if you’re feeling annoyed at what I am talking to you about, remember it’s good news. Your old ways are wanting you to return to that unfulfilling life, the one back on the couch. Challenge it :)

What if ‘life’ is trying to provide opportunities for you to be a part of something different? Chance meetings with people, a new approach to an old scenario, a chance to stop and smell the roses?

This article is based around asking better questions, if you simply brush them off with your usual ‘busy’ approach. Then you miss the art of reshaping your destiny yet again.

Allow your focus on time to disappear, trust that everything unfolds for a reason and with divine timing. Remember you are part of a magical story, one that leads you to your ‘Inner Genius’, you need only let go and watch for the signs. Continue to be rushed in all that you do, and you continue to operate under the old lens of perception, the same one that has you living a life of frustration.

3. Find The Gaps …

Pissed off yet…? Have not yet got what you came here for ?

Then this one is most certainly for you to focus on …

Our minds are full of thoughts, some impatient, some judgemental and others down right scary. One of the masterful ways to live your life, is to step back from the mind, or better still the ego. This is the part of us that wants to compete, compare and judge our current positions in life. Once we realise that we are not our minds and take back control of our life by adopting the 7 Powerful things, the sooner we achieve Unbelievable Success.

The mind is kinda like a train that stops at 50 platforms per day, these platforms continually race passed, each with a different story to tell. When you begin to understand you are not your mind, you will begin to pick and choose which one of the platforms you get off on. Even better … How long you stand there for !

Finding the gaps, simply means allowing the platforms to pass on by without buying into their stories. “Sit and Be”, masterfully become the observer to what the mind has had you on the run from until now. Have the courage to sit and simply watch as the chaos passes you right on by!

Sometimes this is the scary part, but rest assured, there is nothing beyond that you have to fear. It’s simply your ego trying to cling onto its past beliefs and making you feel afraid because it no knows you are taking back control.

You are now on your way to ‘Unbelievable Success’..

4. Be Mindful …

This master skill comes naturally to you, and the only reason you chose to outgrow it was because others thought it was best for you.

When you were very young, you used to immerse yourself in whatever it was you were doing. You were not focussed on the clock, you were not concerned about others, and you were most certainly not racing through amber traffic lights.

You were being mindful in its truest form !

Two things need to occur for this skill to unfold. The first is a ‘Narrowing of focus’, it’s the thing you do when everything else fades into the background. Maybe you are painting, maybe its the musical instrument you’re holding, or maybe it’s the natural surroundings that are helping with this focus.

The second potent key to being a mindful warrior, is complete and ‘Total Immersion’ in the task you are performing.

If you have not read — ‘The Fred Factor’ yet, then do so to find out how a U.S postal officer is one of the most inspirational mindful experts I have ever heard of…

Your mindful when you are performing your passion, it’s when everything disappears and you inner music is heard all over the world. It’s when you are freed from doubt, worry and fear of the ‘what if’s’ in life…

You know when it occurs, you need only to make it happen more regularly from now on.

5. Challenge It All …

This one requires the least amount of explaining, because I believe you already know what needs to be done. When I say ‘Challenge it all’, I don’t mean you have to go out and make an arse of yourself everywhere you go. I mean if an opportunity or life event ‘feels right’, but some how scares you, then you must challenge your old beliefs and move into the fear.

The first line above says it all … This one requires the least amount of explaining and the most amount of doing !

So get busy !

** Note *** I want to stop for a moment and acknowledge how serious you are about ‘Changing’ your life for the better. Simply by continuing, you are one bad arse action taker !!

6. Turn On Your Intuition …

I’m always asked how you turn on your intuition, and it was one of the first questions I ever asked on my way to ‘Unbelievable Success’..

Simply look and feel passed your mind for the answers, don’t be quick to make your next move.

‘Stop Drop And Roll’ — for you firefighters out there !

If you feel rushed, uneasy, pressured, guilty, misaligned, or something similar, simply stop and contemplate your actions for a while. If you have to make an immediate decision, then make a strong one and say NO !

If it feels right, compelling, joyful, fun, exciting (also known as anxious), uplifting, or part of who you are .. Then you must jump in ! Even if the mind is trying to tell you that you have never done this before …

Less mind, More Heart….

FEEL YOUR WAY FORWARD ! Victory Awaits Those Who Own The Mind!

7. Ask Superior Questions …

This entire article is based around asking better questions … But once you get the hang of that, I would suggest you begin to ask not just better questions, rather Superior Questions !

My whole life changed the moment I began asking very specific and superior questions.

Not just asking questions of others, but asking questions of yourself. Setting the wheels in motion by asking yourself superior questions ..

Let Me Explain:

The mind is like a tactical sorting machine, it looks to confirm the information that is getting processed.

For eg: If you believe you are broke and inundated with bills all the time, then you are probably asking yourself why you get so many bills in life … So your mind (the tactical sorting machine) goes and finds things to confirm your suspicions. And wallah … More bills are found!

When I began to ask myself things like:

  • What am I truly capable of?
  • What is my unique gift?
  • What is the powerful trend that has followed me through life?
  • Who are the people I aspire to be like?
  • How can I reach 1 million people with my powerful message?

My Life Soared !!!

And so will yours if you begin to stop asking the old out dated questions, and begin to ask the SUPERIOR QUESTIONS !

So What Now — Wrapping It All Up …

What I am trying to point out to you is simple, but the mind and your fears are clouding its brilliance….

Your need only to stand on your individual platform and shine from the heart, you need only begin to remember how you lived when you were a kid.

Your central nervous system will switch on and your health, confidence, self belief and attractiveness will be the best it’s ever been!

Simply diligently live by the 7 spiritual ways to enlightenment, and before long they will simply be a way of life without effort. The universe has been waiting your true arrival and I know as well as you do …


Your life, work, health, finances and relationships will all become purposeful, abundant and prosperous…

One final note: If your serious about this, it is going to take time, actually this takes the rest of your life …. It takes more doing than talking and it takes someone who wants more from life..

I know that’s you ..

Troy Devine ‘Identity Expert’
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