BE YOU →Fight For IT ! Don’t BE Everything at once !

Don’t Waste Your Time …

I want to save you ‘mega time’ on discovering the real victory in life..!

I am not going to lie, you will still have to learn (grow) as you go, but with this method, at least you will always remain true to your own path and not wander between everyone else’s for years on end… Like I did !

After attending hundreds of seminars, meetings, conferences, workshops, spiritual events, interviews and whatever else the ‘search’ led me towards … I realised one important fact !

Every speaker, leader, guru, coach, salesman etc, was always preaching how to Market, Sell, Promote and Pitch a certain product, or way of life. Because ‘they’ played towards my pain point, I was convinced I needed what they were offering. So I spent tens of thousands :)

Here’s the thing … We are trained to get in our own way !

Every time, there was no doubt I was learning to Market, to Sell, to Promote, and to Live better … But according to who, them? Market and/or sell what? To live better, for who?

Every time it was according to them .. No one has ever told me to market ME, to promote ME and/or to live MY life, because this is the most important thing I have… I will only ever get one go at ME and TIME !

ONE GO at both, in each moment that passes.

You and I are taught that we must put others first, that we must NOT promote ourselves and what we believe we can do for the world. This approach is selfish and stubborn, according to those people who have come before us.

This method only places ourselves in the way… Every twist and turn, we fill with doubt and fear because we believe in ‘others’ and their products, and we do so at the expense of our own !

Dis-Ease …

Keep this approach up and you will continue to be plagued by Anxiety, Depression, Guilt, Fear, Frustration and so on… Don’t get angry if you are finally recognising why you are guilty, angry, frustrated etc..

Balance and Ease …

Simply know it’s time to get out of your own way, and restore BALANCE to your life. Do so by Promoting YOU, Marketing and growing the number one thing in this world — → YOU !!

There is a quote in a good book that says : “The Truth Will Set You Free” ..

Walk Back Home … (The HOT TIP)

Simply begin to declare the things you love, bring the moment of amazing joy back into your life. Apply everything you learn to building YOU (and not some health tablet product), join and sign up for things that feel ‘Right’ inside. Those things that feel congruent with everything you have ever stood for.

The Hot Tip

If you remember nothing else from this read, but this … YOU WIN !!

LIFE .. Is not about you, it’s about THEM !

Let me explain: Everything you do from this moment on, you do so because you put yourself FIRST… But YOU MUST do so with one rule.

Everything you do is for the greater good of others… Building a company, a brand and/or a product is not for your personal gain (first and foremost anyway), you build it because it betters the lives of those around you.

You do so because you want others to avoid something that you experienced in life. Help others excel at their individual lives.

Action Item:

Take stock of your life, your direction, your current model of growth …

Ask this question : Am I happy that my current business/life model (of growth) is MY personal choice, and MINE alone ?

Journal your answer and then ask yourself … “What do others always come to me for”..?


Why not be you … I have given you the world as a playground .. Use it ! ‘The universe’
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