Are Programs using Social Media to Help With Success?

Social media is becoming a huge conversation in sports but does it help teams perform better and help programs with success on the field? In a college football article by the Sports Illustrated Pete Thamel talks about Clemson and Ohio State were also competing on social media before they actually did in the Fiesta Bowl. The teams feel as though the success that the are having on social media is also helping with the success that they are having on the field. Both Universities Football programs have spend a large amount of money, around 267K on creative content for social media, because of this many my feel as though it helps with both programs success on the field. Since the NCAA created the College Football Playoff both teams have became National Champions. It also have been helping these two programs recruit some of the best high school prospects in the country. It helps the player they recruit interact with current players that are already in the program and also let they fans with fans of the programs help bring in the recruits. These things are very key now a days and is a big part in recruiting the nations best players. With these two programs already being great programs, social media helps with the recruiting even more. This strategy is helping programs all around the country, and is actually a great idea.