Homeruns With Phillies Twitter

Philadelphia Phillies twitter account is ran by Tim Stoeckel, who visited my SMT 290 class last Thursday. During his presentation he talked to us about the different things that he deals with while working the Phillies Twitter account which we’re very interesting to me. He spoke about how to deal with fans when you’re working for a losing team, how to tweet back to other teams, why he isn’t allowed to use the gifs on twitter, and also how to handle giving away team apparel via Twitter. Something that really stood out to me was that he mentioned with dealing with losing team was that you should always turn a negative into a positive. He said after a bad loss, always say something positive like turn the next page, its a long season. That helps the fans not dwell on the loss and move on to the next game. He also talked about talking and engaging with the fans that tweet to the account. Social media is one of the best ways to interact with fans and let fans know that are noticed and that they appreciate them.

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