Had Bernie been Bernadette — The heartbreaking truth about American patriarchy
Lauren Besser

Bernie is not where Hillary is with Bernie’s record, so it is a really bizarre argument. Is the patriarchy holding Bernie down? It has nothing to do with sexism. You have to play ball to make it to the top in politics. The owners of the two parties allow for very narrow policy positions. Hillary has all the right qualities to make it the top — corrupt, vicious, and lacking any kind of empathy.

It doesn’t matter your color, religion, sex etc. Last election was a black guy vs. a Mormon and Hillary would have been President if Barack wasn’t involved. Barack is a better speaker, more like-able than Hillary, and during his campaign was more anti-war during a time where everyone was tired of war following Bush (unfortunately he expanded the wars). Again nothing to do with sexism.

Hillary has made it to the top even though she is a horribly flawed candidate. Hillary is a criminal and should be indicted for her email scandal. This is a minor detail compared to her Benghazi lies, war crimes, supporting horrific drug laws in the 90’s (aimed at minorities), attacking the many women that accused Bill of sexual assault etc. etc. etc.

“Radical Feminists” should be proud of their influence…if you question Killery as a candidate you are called sexist. Congratulations.