You are telling people to stop using Redux but you aren’t giving them any alternatives.

I think you may have missed the author’s point entirely.

You don’t need to replace Redux with another tool. His point is that Redux is an *addition* to your stack, not a strict dependency, and that you should make a conscious decision to use it to solve actual problems, rather than just use it to use it.

Think about jQuery — its ubiquity has made it common for years to include it by default in every new app. But, it has never been free. It carries a substantial code weight, learning curve, maintenance cost, etc. And, some of the problems it solves are no longer problems. Document.querySelectorAll() is now ubiquitous among browsers, and there are smaller, simpler utility libraries that contain many of its most useful features.

So, like Redux, think about whether it’s really worth the cost of ownership.

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