The time I almost missed out on a deal because I didn’t check my email.

Be sure to check your email daily. Within the last few months I sold one of trademarks. I was given a significant amount for it seeing I haven’t had the energy to push it the way it needed to be pushed at the time. I received a phone call from a Los Angeles phone number, but at first I wasn’t about to answer because of all the spam calls that go around daily. Something told me to answer and the person on the other end explained her reasoning for calling. Shortly after she said I sent you an email you didn’t get it? I thought to myself I have that account on my iPhone and other devices, but there’s never seem to be anything too important besides a few emails from Carrabba’s Italian Grill, so I checked it and her email was there. My entire reason for this post is you should always check your email because you never know who’s going to email to buy one of your trademarks, domains and etc.

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