Towards the utopian world of in-sync and backed-up #addressbooks!

It started with an itch as I faced these frustrations with my address book (and I suspect many of you do face these as well):

  • Incomplete contact entries
  • Duplicate contacts
  • Inaccurate details
  • Out of date information
  • Information locked into one platform

So in the process of “scratching my own itch”, I created TruContacts.

TruContacts turns the whole process of exchanging and maintaining contact information on its head.

Rather than you maintaining your address book, TruContacts hands the task over to your contacts.

You and your contacts share their information through dynamic #vCards.

Share and un-share/Edit and delete your vCards at will.

Create multiple vCards for sharing – personal, business, temporary one-offs on vacation etc.

Share vCards by email, SMS or a hyperlink in #Whatsapp or #LinkedIn.

Any changes your contacts make are automatically made in your address book. Any changes you make to your vCard automatically updates their address books.

Get notified about changes through alerts.

Data is stored in the cloud and the service is cross-platform (iOS and Android).

Lost your phone? No problem – just download and reinstall the app.

Want to upgrade your phone? No problem. You can switch from iOS to Android anytime. And you can install TruContacts on multiple devices.

TruContacts is available on the AppStore from here.

And GooglePlay here.

The app is not yet perfect (Product Hunters, please note). I would love to receive your feedback (both positive and negative) and further improve the product. So please try the app and provide your feedback through this survey:

Thank you🙏🏽

Ravi Srinivasan

Download my vCard from here