Timesheets Simplified

Billable hours.

It’s become a game we play with projects and assignments. We never seem to have a concrete number at the end of it all, and it can be a real time-suck to try and keep up with your hours and work. Time tracking becomes a project in and of itself.

We found ourselves struggling to accurately and easily track billable hours. Some apps were too complicated, others so smart, they the made you feel dumb. Finally we found Toggl. Toggl get’s out of your way and lets you work rather then spending time tracking time. The reporting is simple, yet powerful. The desktop application helps you remember to track time and easily edit time without having to go to a website.

Here are a couple of our favorite features…

  • Projects — You can create different projects to more efficiently keep up with different tasks, and you can assign team members to specific projects.
  • Teams — Divide your team up. For larger organizations with many departments, this can be very beneficial. This way everyone can focus on their own work, and not be bogged down by having to sift through everything that is going on around them.
  • Rates — Rates can be set for each team member or at the project level. So when it comes time to bill the client, there’s no need to do any calculations.
  • Reports — There are options to filter and create reports based on time, team member, client, or project, to create detailed lists and graphs. There’s tons of use for all the reports, but namely, it makes client invoicing a snap.

These are just some of the basic features it offers. We took Toggl to the next level but integrating into our own client dashboard, so that not only could our team see the time we’ve tracked for a project, but we were able to offer full transparency to our clients as well.

Organization will help simplify the most hectic of schedules, and Toggl is a great tool to help you efficiently produce quality work, project after project.

Originally published at trumedia.io.

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