What’s in a name?

TMAF unveils industry mascot name at Great American Trucking Show 2017

When Trucking Moves America Forward introduced the industry’s mascot this May, we called on the trucking community for help.

The mascot was equipped with headlights, a windshield, tires and the TMAF cap… but it didn’t have a name.

Since May, the trucking community has submitted and voted on names ranging from punny (Bob Tail) to short-and-sweet (Wheels).

But the name that best epitomizes the entire trucking industry won out in the end: Safety Sammy.

The trucking industry invests at least $9.5 billion in improving safety every year, and it’s paying off. Our trucks are safer than ever, and the industry’s 3.5 million professional drivers are trained to drive with the highest level of caution.

It’s only right that the mascot’s name would reflect the one thing the trucking community has on their minds all the time.

The mascot brings our industry to life in a positive, friendly manner that really resonates with kids and families. We hope the mascot will help young people grow up to be less intimidated by trucks — and remind all of us that safety is our number one priority.

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