The avoiding NYC day

Morristown, NY to Hartford, CT (June 11)


Bean Runner Cafe

After an absolutely gorgeous drive around the Hudson River I stopped in almost-scenic Peekskill for lunch.

Honestly what I really wanted was WiFi to help Audrey find a new place to live and I got it. The lunch was meh.


Mr. Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore

At the end of the semester at UofM I found this book lying on the ground next to the donation bins with a few textbooks. My awesome librarian aunt Lisa had mentioned it to me.

Damn am I glad I did! This book was hilarious. It combined weird techie culture with books, romance, and secret cults — what could be better than that!? I highly recommend it.


Elizabeth Park Conservancy

I drove around Hartford a little until I discovered the Conservancy. It had an incredible rose garden and they were all in bloom. I stopped to read Penumbra’s in a gazebo (also covered in roses) where a couple was taking wedding photos and a girl was doing an oil painting.

When we got to chatting, she told me the walkable town center was actually in West Hartford. After finishing my chapter I headed over there to find dinner.


Whole Foods

I have a feeling I’m going to be eating a lot of dinners from the prepared foods counters at Whole Foods, especially if I go in the evening like I did because they mark down the old prepped lunches.

Read a few more chapters of Penumbra and walked around before deciding none of the nightlife seemed worth it. The only one that looked worthwhile had a dress code and — since I hadn’t showered in a few days — I decided that was probably not a good idea.


Del-Aire Campground

I found this campground the old fashioned way — by following blue signs off the highway — and I learned there’s a difference between the little blue camper sign and the little blue tent sign.

After a long string of seemingly random turns I arrived at the place. About half of the campsites had fifth wheels parked there with enough out-building structures that they looked pretty permanent. Only 1 in 10 were occupied.

Since the office was closed I just drove to a campsite and started putting up my bug nets. Boy, did I need them. The mosquitoes were a like a biblical locust plague but after my blood.

In the morning I only had 4 bug bites and counted myself very lucky. There were about 20 perched on each of the 5 bug nets I had put up so I had to drive a decent way to dislodge them before I could get out and take all the tulle and magnets down.

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