10 Most Popular Job Perks

Everyone wants a job for the obvious reasons such as compensation, security, and something to fill our days. However, in this day and age, many job seekers look beyond pay grade when deciding on which companies they should apply. Particularly in the tech industry, companies vie for topnotch candidates by investing in employees’ well being with a variety of perks that promote healthy and balanced lifestyles.

We’ve searched high and low for the best perks out there. Prepare yourself, because we have everything from massages to live artist performances on this list.

Netflix kitchen area

Time off

Okay, so everyone gets time off. Or at least we hope they do! But some companies offer employees the unique opportunity to take virtually unlimited time off. For example, Businessweek reported that Netflix’s policy is not to monitor work hours and simply trust employees will get their work done. Sound good to you? Check out this Netflix job opening on our job board!

Job specific perks

As one might guess, there are some music related perks to working for a company like Grooveshark. Go figure! However, these perks don’t stop at tickets to shows and concerts. Grooveshark offers private artist sessions in house.

Gym memberships

One of the unfortunate pitfalls of the modern day office job is a sedentary lifestyle. Thankfully, many companies have caught wind of this and started to offer employees gym memberships. For example, DigitalOcean cites gym membership allowance as just one of the many perks it offers in this job posting.

Food, food, and oh yeah, food

Sure, some companies are nestled between great restaurants or they have great on-site cafeterias. But other companies, like DigitalOcean, offer alternative food services. DigitalOcean provides employees with a corporate Seamless account; this service sends food orders to local restaurants and gives users estimated delivery or pickup times. Pretty cool, huh?

Recreational spaces

Lumosity’s New San Francisco Headquarters

We’ve all heard the rumors of scooters at Dropbox and the like. Some companies offer employees fully stocked game rooms. For example, Grooveshark lists “a full jam room, a video game room…[and] an analog game room” as just a few perks to this job posting.

Work AND play

Rumor has it that Dropbox holds a company happy hour every week called Whisky Fridays. Must be nice! Apart from that, the company also participates in Hack Week, reportedly complete with “Ping-Pong tournaments, Dropbox jeopardy, and Starcraft gaming.” You know what they say about all work and no play!


So it turns out Dropbox isn’t the only company out there that does office happy hours. In fact, Lumosity lists “playtime anytime” as one of its many perks. Lumos Labs has an entire “Culture Team” dedicated to planning office happy hours as well as “Hawai’i holiday parties.”

DreamHost break room

Commuting reimbursement

For those of you who have to take a commuter rail or drive an hour to work every morning, have no fear! Sure you’ll have to wake up a little earlier than the rest of us, but at least that traveling can be paid for. Booking.com is one of the many companies with open positions on our job board that will reimburse your commuting expenses.

Coffee bars

Coffee lovers rejoice! The right company not only understands your need for caffeine but also fuels it! One of DreamHost’s “crazy benefits” is a coffee bar. On top of that, this company also provides free pizza on Tuesday, an open dress code, and your choice of a Mac or a PC.

Massage services

Feeling stressed? Not on our watch! Clutch Analytics brings in a masseuse to the office once a week. Ahh, doesn’t just reading that make you feel more relaxed?

Interested in learning about more open jobs with awesome perks? Check out our job board!

Originally published at blog.trueability.com on December 3, 2014.

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