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It was year 2010 when Santoshi Nakamoto released a research paper for discussion about creation of a P2P payment network that was different and independent of financial institutions or central authorities. Little did he knew that, a decade later, it would become an amazing reality. A reality that challenges the status quo of the traditional economic parameters and its dominant centralized institutions that have existed for ages. The paper projected a model which could change the way money would work in the future and most of it today is a reality.

Blockchain and its overlaying cryptocurrencies and stablecoins has been a revolutionary discovery. A system that is trustless, seamless, efficient, fast and definitely transparent. It has shown a clear path as to how future could look like in years to come- a path of true digital independence where money would not be controlled by a few institutions or people in power. Just as the internet gave the world universal connectivity, blockchain has the power to give the world new universal governance. It will definitely affect the administration of government, will affect the economy, and it will affect one thing which is very important in our society: TRUST. …

While the world is fascinated with the benefits that blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies provide, it is often found confused and scared because of the price volatility the bring with them. …

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Why an Indian Stablecoin Is the Need of An Hour?

There are a lot of people who believe cryptocurrencies are important and hold a very vital position in the future economics of money. …

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