Cristian Trujillo


. The certain ad we will focus on today is an ad created by made to bring awareness and prevent school shootings. A brilliant designed advertisement to bring attention to this certain topic of school shootings. Aimed more towards parents of kids K-12. This organization created a video showcasing a young teen finding young mysterious love with an anonymous student. Not knowing there was a person always in the back showing signs and making threats of later on committing an act of violence from being talked down and bullied. This ad made intended to raise awareness for school shootings and way to prevent them is very effective on focusing attention and raising curiosity.

. To kick things off, In the ad we are shown a teenage boy having a conversation with an anonymous student by writing messages on the desk. Having us in this false illusion of this being a false love story between two students. Were later shown a student in the background showing signs of threat. All throughout the video we see how this couple progresses and raises tension when the student grows more to finding out who his secret messenger was. The potential later to be school shooter is also in the back, either being bullied or showcasing signs bringing him to later committing this act of terror. The teen couple later meets at the end of the end of the year during yearbook pickup, one of the teens recognizes the boy’s handwriting and they conversations and spark up a conversation, Fooling us to think of this false love story warming our hearts as the couple finally meets each other. The school shooter pops us from the back, from the camera angle it makes space between the couple leaving room to as we can clearly see the background. Watching the door open we see the shooter pop up from the back and make everyone scatter. Then as the video is played again we’re shown were the shooter was throughout the video as the camera and lighting focuses on him and all the signs he showed throughout the video but we ignored to see. Sandyhook promises did a brilliant job at taking a major plot twist at turning a cute love story to a dramatic school shooting. Bringing us on a rollercoaster of emotions throughout the video they do a good job at leaving us shocked and wide aware of the dangers and potential outcomes of not paying attention to this. Using Freud’s method of inserting fear to us as if this can happen anywhere at anytime. Were fearful of the possible chances and of course not wanting this to anyone we fall to pay attention to what we can do and raises curiosity and questions to preventing this.

. To follow on, this ad tend to focus on more so parents than teens but it reaches out to everyone. More so middle aged parents with families and kids that currently attend school are targeted in this video. Also appealing to our need to nurture we want to do anything to help prevent and be wide aware of the possible situation. These methods are very effective and used wisely as they are implied in a short but attractive video. More parents are found to pay attention and care of this since it is targeting them more so also teens in high school and lower grades. By bringing awareness to this it raises attention to school shootings and leaving us with, well what can we do to prevent this. More people are curious to know well what happens after and doing this was a smart doing to have anyone take action bring awareness. A carefully and brilliantly designed ad is well used.

. Overall, the whole point of this video well we’re shown only the possible outcomes of a possible shooting. That brings awareness and raises curiosity for what the video does a great job at displaying awareness to this sensitive topic.

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