Everything you wanted to know about TruePlay but were afraid to ask!

Yes-yes, we are sure that you know about TruePlay, because everyone is talking about our project at the moment. Yet still we receive a lot of different questions about us, so today we decided to clear all the doubts and to tell more about our key features.

TruePlay is not a gaming provider

Absolutely not! TruePlay is a platform created for gambling providers so that they will be able to join it and to establish their casinos with the help of TruePlay technologies. We’ll talk about it a bit later.

Only licensed casinos will be able to cooperate with TruePlay

This is very important. Our goal is to stop all the fraud related with gambling. So the main rule for any game provider that is going to join our “club” is to have a proper license. For example, the first project that is set on TruePlay platform is Fairplay.io and it has received a license to organize gambling in the Kahnawake gaming Commission.

Unique Blockchain based Honesty Control System

TruePlay has implemented revolutionary and well-known Blockchain technology into its Honesty Control System. This basically means that it is impossible to create any schemes that can somehow effect on RNG. Only true random, in the exact way as it should be in online casino.

KYC/AML simplification

This procedure is significant for nowadays gambling, especially when we are all about honesty and transparency. Most of licensed gaming providers are obliged to force their customers to pass through KYC. And one of TruePlay’s advantages is that players need to pass this process just once.

Absence of fraud

Literally. From any side of TruePlay. It is impossible to trick the players due to transparency of all games and implementation of Blockchain technology. It is hopeless to try deceiving game providers, because all payments are made in cryptocurrency and by people who already passed KYC. And it is pointless to falsehood affiliates and partners, because all of the deals are saved in Blockchain.

Unified login

No more registrations on various online casino platforms. All that player needs is a TPLAY token, and he will be able to play any game of any gambling provider that is partnering with TruePlay.

And that is not the full list. If you are still confused and you have any questions, join our Telegram channel and feel free to ask your questions to our support team. They are always happy to help you 24/7!

Telegram: https://t.me/trueplaysupport