How TruePlay Becomes a Real Changer for Online Gamblers

Thanks to blockchain technologies, TruePlay developed a complex of software solutions that solve a range of difficulties in the online gambling industry. Creating an honest and transparent space for all members of the ecosystem, TruePlay helps players, operators, game providers, and webmasters to focus on their goals, not problems.

In this article, we want to highlight some of the key issues that TruePlay solves for players.

Problem: Difficulties with large deposits

Players who prefer large bets often face various limits and restrictions of banks and processing companies. These payments must be split into an enormous amount of small transactions and each transaction is charged with all the extra fees.

Solution: TruePlay Wallet

With a TruePlay wallet, players can use the TPLAY token to make deposits and withdrawals. Players no longer need to split the payment into several transactions to play with high bets. In any project connected to the TruePlay platform, deposits are limited only by the balance of the wallet.

Problem: No instant payments

To receive a payment, players should provide casinos with lots of documents and the whole procedure takes a while. When playing in several casinos, the verification process must be repeated for each casino again and again.

Solution: TPLAY token and a unified TruePlay login

Once registered and completed the KYC procedure, players get access to all projects connected to the platform and do not have to verify their identity over and over. With the TPLAY token, players can receive instant payments, which are not limited in amount. The operators will no longer delay payments for various reasons. TruePlay guarantees ALL payouts of winnings to be received during the game.

Problem: No game statistics and lack of trust

Operators and game providers do not publish full statistics of all games, thereby depriving players of the opportunity to analyze the real games results. Also, it is widely believed that the casino can change the results of the game, for example, depending on the size of the bet, thereby forming a losing streak for the player.

Solution: Full game stats and honesty control system

TruePlay provides full access to the game statistics for all time. Since TruePlay receives it directly from the game providers, it is impossible for operators to falsify the data. A blockchain-based honesty control system developed by the TruePlay team allows players to check the results from the bet made. Before the game starts, the interface displays a hash of the series and a link to EtherScan, where players can view the block and the transaction containing the hash of the series. After the series end, players have an initial sequence of outcomes, for which the hash was calculated.

Find more about TruePlay blockchain solution in our White Paper.

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