TruePlay’s Solutions for Current Market Problems

Much has already been said about the online gambling market and its existing problems.

To cut a long story short, these drawbacks include:

  • high risks of financial fraud
  • slow or curtailed financial transactions
  • inconveniences with larger-than-average deposits
  • failure of gamblers’ trust in online-gambling system security due to an overarching number of fake brand games and operator brands
  • complicated process of user authorization
  • and many others.

It may sound like a miracle but we in TruePlay have either already provided solutions to the aforementioned issues or are in the process of developing these.

In order to minimize fraud-related risks, we have invented TruePlay Payment Gate under the protection of Blockchain.

We have made payments of any size or frequency instantly available with the help of our own utility tokens called TruePlay tokens, or TPLAYs. So a player no longer has to split up large payments into smaller amounts, make several transactions or wait for their money.

As far as large deposits are concerned, we have delivered our unique Honesty Control System to ensure invariability of a player’s bet result, on the one hand, and security of hash in Blockchain, on the other. Providing supporting documentation for each payment is now unnecessary.

As for increasing players’ trust in security of online gambling, we have come up with easy-to-use KYC (Know Your Client) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) services.

Moreover, we have reduced their cost and are ready to offer you a simplified procedure for checking in. Once you have authorized in TruePlay system with a unified login, you do not need to undergo that again — for access to other projects in our eco-system.

In a bid to decrease overall cost of creating a gambling brand from scratch and promoting it, we in TruePlay have created a comfy marketplace for supply and demand to meet.

Of course, that is not the end.

So, we hope you are looking forward to our further publications to learn more!

By the way, you can still join us on the earliest stage of our Token Sale — TruePlay Private Sale — and get your first handful of TPLAYs at a tempting price. All you need to do is leave a request — and we will put you on the Whitelist as soon as possible.