Freedom of Opinion

We need a new way to bring people together — your true voice is the answer. Across the world, we are becoming increasingly divided into our own groups. We don’t have a good way of measuring the honest opinions of our fellow citizens. Social Media is valuable to virtually all of our lives but it’s missing something. It’s missing the factor of being able to share with total freedom.

TruePublic is the place to bridge the gap between groups of people who otherwise don’t connect. This app is designed to paint a picture we haven’t seen. A picture of the diverse views of all Americans. Across race, gender, region, political affiliation and age, our goal is to bring the views of our country — and then the world — together.

What do they do? What do they believe? Who are they? Where do I fit? Who agrees with me? Do I stand with the bold majority? Or the fearless minority?

These are some of the questions we seek to answer for you with this project.

Our goals for TruePublic

  1. To offer people a safe place to share their opinion on anything that matters to them. From the seriousness of politics, to the love of art, the ratings of brands, even the curiosities of our personal habits. By offering each user anonymity in their vote, we give them a chance to share like never before.

TruePublic is a voting platform and is launching with no user commenting. This is intentional. This app isn’t a place for debate. There will be no bullying, nor verbal attacks on TruePublic. These actions are not just discouraged, they are impossible.

2. To offer you a new understanding of the people across America. Answers to the age-old questions, which speak to us as human beings. Who agrees with me? Where do I fit? In what tribes do I belong?

TruePublic delivers beautiful real-time infographic data after each vote is cast. You will instantly — and constantly — be surprised by what you discover. Each snapshot of opinion can be easily shared.

TruePublic is an application which will remain powerful in it’s simplicity. It is a place for both of your minds. The curious mind; which wonders about the strangers you pass on the street during your commute. Which wonders about those people across America who live so differently from yourself. It’s also for the opinionated mind; who sees the value in collaborating with your fellow humans to find understanding through the honest sharing of our views.

Finally, TruePublic is a place for change. Our hope is that as we begin to better understand each other, we’ll be able to better connect with one another. In the ways we differ, we can learn. In the many ways we similar, we can feel connected. In our surprise from what we discover, we can smile.

We’d love to have you be a part of TruePublic. Honest feedback will be crucial to achieving our goals. Please let us know how we can improve.