May 2, 2016 · 2 min read

Getting Models For the Clothing Line

An essential approach to build the image of one’s brand or clothing lines are to pick out an ideal model. You need to choose appliances you feel represent the picture your brand portrays. For instance if you are a edgy brand have an alternative looking model. For me the best models are the appliances will require pictures for you personally in substitution for free clothes given that they love your clothing line. In this article we’ll look at techniques for getting models to work for free clothes and ways to handle their shoots.


It is important in terms of procuring models who will benefit free is to have a great t-shirt line or clothing line. Fashion models will not shoot for businesses that believe that make shoddy apparel unless they either get money or love your brand. When they love your get you noticed can post advertisements on Myspace or Craigslist searching for models who’ll model to get a clothing trade. Basically you supply them with a few bits of your line and have them take pics wearing your clothes. If Myspace or Craigslist aren’t supplying you with qualified models search for modelmayhem on Google and contact women that have their emails or Myspace profiles available. To get hold of one other models you will need to register a merchant account.

Graphic Tees

Once you’ve the model that you feel fits your brand image and definately will work for a trade of clothes you should work out the details of the shoot. Most models that have ever worked everything will have a personal photographer that they will proceed through to handle shoot. This photographer should cost you nothing of course, if they fight to acquire to pay for the photographer find another model. Talk with the model concerning the type of shots you would like the photographer to adopt. This is the clothing brand so you must take the lead around the kind of shots you want rather than let the model or photographer dictate what shots they will take. Obviously be receptive for their ideas when you don’t wish to appear to be a control freak and so they could have a great reality that will benefit your brand.

By getting a model that works well for a trade of clothes you save money to suit your needs clothing line, still get a great model, and building the picture you want to your brand. Find the models that have their own photographers and tell them what kind of shots you need. Remember when it doesn’t work out with one model there are thousands of great models out there that may use you in case your brand is strong.