This is the best explanation i have gotten on these whole issue.

The only way that will make any currency worth while long term is 2 major steps.

1) Get rid of fiat currency, that means money that can be printed/typed into national debt / QE/ existence without limits (the West is about to fall MUCH harder than 2008 when Deutsche bank caves with its $50+Trillion ponzi scheme, aka derivative balance sheet).

2) nations need to sell stuff to be on par with what they buy. The only exception had been the US/ petrodollar because the US effectively forced oil nations (with the threat of invasion) to trade in dollars only, and if any nation can’t pay, the US/Fed was only too happy to issue a loan. It was a great scheme that worked very well for about 30–35 years, at which point everyone else began to realise the scam.

On a side note, no nation anywhere can solve their currency issues by laws and policies alone, exports, be it goods or services or tourism (and yes crime) is essential to maintain an even demand for all currencies for obvious reasons, providing you don’t inflate it away