I distinctly remember the day my colleague and TrueSix co-founder Julia got back from Mobile World Congress 2019, yet another tech conference our team members occasionally attend throughout the year.

When asked how the event went, she responded:

“Well, the conference was great, but…I forgot my Kindle at home.”

A comparatively small issue as it might be on the big scale of things, but Julia didn’t need to say more.

You see, our team might not be the heavy-weight readers who speed through 100+ books a year. …

I remember a conference where a self-proclaimed marketing guru was asked to answer a question about how to get a new business off the ground.

His answer made me cringe.

‘’Well, you simply get published on TechCrunch, and that will generate traffic to your website,’’ he said in a convincing voice.


There are so many things wrong with this ''advice''.

First, it’s useless. Of course, media publicity helps businesses gain recognition. Everyone knows that and for that exact reason, media editors and journalists receive hundreds of pitches every day. This answer doesn’t provide any value, it’s not specific and…

I often get this question — from friends, family, even prospective clients — they’ve heard good things, want those same results for themselves, but are unclear as to what we actually do. So today, I’m here to set the record straight. To dispel the uncertainty of the content marketing industry.


According to the Content Marketing Institute:

6 stages.

160 speakers.

Over 3000 startups.

1800 investors.

More than 100 side events.

Needless to say, I was more than excited to visit Helsinki for Slush — the two-day tech party that the organizers themselves call ‘’the world’s leading startup event’’.

Slush is well known for its party-like atmosphere and for bringing an impressive bunch of speakers to Northern Europe every year. This year, speeches revolved around topics like privacy, future of work, and other trendy topics, including AI, IoT, crypto, and more.

Without further ado, here are the main lessons learned at Slush 2018:

1. Localization may be your key to success (but you’re doing it wrong)

The Estonian ride-hailing company…

On November 5–8 Lisbon opens its doors to the attendees and speakers of the world’s biggest tech conference — Web Summit. If you are one of them, try not to forget that the event takes place in an absolutely charming location with thousands of years of history and a vibrant modern life.

We know how exciting and overwhelming can Web Summit be — we’ve been there ourselves. But we also know that there’s no excuse for not making the time to explore the charming venue of the conference. …

Alternative Investment Forum was an invite-only, two-day event in Vilnius, Lithuania consisting of two parts — the first day was dedicated to alternative investments, and the second one was named Blockchain Summit.

As the largest crypto investors gathering in the Baltics, this was an invite-only event for leading entrepreneurs, HNWI and venture capitalists.

So how did I wind up there since I’m not any of those fancy titles?

Having covered blockchain in gaming, blockchain in Latvia, and digital asset management, my company — Truesix.co — was invited to attend and write about the conference.

As my colleagues were attending the…

Source: Startup Wise Guys

I recently attended Latitude59, one of the most influential startup and tech events in the Baltics. It was the first conference I participated in since joining our team of enthusiastic content marketers. It was also my first tech-related conference — ever.

Coming from an entertainment industry background, the conference bore a close resemblance to a music festival. Lots of meeting new people, plenty of delicious (yet indecently overpriced) fast food, and… surprisingly many parties.

You never knew what acquaintance would await around the corner. And instead of your favorite bands and musicians, you had promising startups lining up to pitch.

A workation is a paid work trip combined with aspects of taking a vacation. Like how that sounds? Well, what are you waiting for?

With most jobs becoming increasingly mobile, chances are that your team can work remotely — and why not from another country?

We at Truesix.co already knew we didn’t have to stay in the office to be productive. What we didn’t know is that we could write 49 pages of good content while on a trip — but more on that later.

We also knew we wanted to go someplace warm and beautiful with excellent food and…

There’s a good reason why 53% of marketers in the USA say that blogging is going to be their top content marketing priority in 2018. It not only helps brands show off their expertise, build their reputation and gain trust; it also helps increase traffic and boost sales.


Stats show that the average company that blogs generates 55% more website visitors, and 71% of businesses that blog admit that it has helped them increase their visibility.

Blogging might now sound like a fix to all your problems. But here’s the challenging part:

For one, there are more bloggers today…

Every word on the internet is a barrier. It’s a barrier between the reader, and the message. Sometimes even between the reader and the action you want them to take.

Copywriting is about lowering that barrier.

About helping your reader absorb your message with as little friction as possible.

Part of that means facilitating the flow of the sentence. Another part is using descriptive language that conveys the idea with maximum accuracy.

Here are 5 tried and tested no-brainer hacks to improve copywriting, no matter what your experience level is.

1. Forget the word “get”

Strike the word “get” from your vocabulary.

It is the…


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