Piping Hot Take: Slack’s New Logo Is Fine

It’s not a swastika. It doesn’t look like dicks. Deep breath.

Slack has a new logo. Allow me to remind you, for the ELEVENTY BILLIONTH TIME, that you’re a human and you hate change.

Travel back in time with me to August of 2017. A certain blogging platform changed its engagement tool from recommendations to claps. The Internet rioted. This was the single dumbest design change a tech company had ever made. I wrote something about it at the time. Ironically, a lot of people clapped for it.

Now here we are in January 2019, and we’ve learned exactly nothing. We’re irate again. This time, those idiots at Slack had the stupefying audacity to, get this, CHANGE their LOGO. This is the last straw and we’re going back to email and AIM.

LOL not really. Slack remains great. But really, who do they think they are? They think they can just change their logo without consulting us? Quick, let’s all publish our takedowns of the change so they can feel how idiotic they are for having the gall to do something new.

Daily Mail

Boing Boing

Some Wonderfully Droll Bro On Twitter

He knows people at Slack, you guys. His “lol dicks” opinion is more credible than yours.

Anyway, there you have it. Slack HQ, when they’re not huddled together and crying, is surely hard at work undoing this new logo and making things right. That’s the kind of power our hand-crafted dick jokes have.

This might be true, were it not for the facts that 1) Slack’s new logo is fine, and 2) You don’t actually care about this.

1. Slack’s new logo is fine.

Is it the best logo ever? Probably not! But it’s colorful, it has some lines and some teardrop thingamajigs, and it still looks like Slack.

And just a heads up: It does not look like a swastika. Or dicks. I understand it’s fun to take a dump on new stuff and get mad at people for having the nerve to create something and put it in front of people. I also understand the race for pageviews and retweets is a very real thing.

But really, the logo is fine. If we’re actually playing the “Here’s what this logo looks like” game, you know what Slack’s new logo actually looks like?

All hail Slack’s adorable new duck logo.

2. You don’t actually care about this.

Here’s what will happen. In a few days, or weeks, or months, you’ll wonder why you were so mad at the Slack logo. I mean, have you SEEN Facebook’s new color palette? What on earth were they thinking? Did they actually pay a design firm for that appalling work? This is SO MUCH WORSE than the Slack logo, which, come to think of it, is actually kind of nice to look at. Weird!

You’re a human. I’m a human. In other words, we hate and fear change. But instead of admitting “I hate this and I’m scared of it!” we poke fun at it and feign anger. It’s fun. It makes us feel better. It’s also a huge turnoff and a remarkable waste of time and energy, but we will never stop doing it.

Okay. Good talk. See you in a few months with this exact same message all over again.