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Between the manufacturing, transportation, building and maintaining of brick and mortar stores, consumerism surely has a significant carbon footprint. Even online shopping has an environmental impact. And after the product is purchased and in the hands of the consumer, what happens when that shopper changes his or her mind?

What contributes to the environmental impact on shopping?

In order to truly understand how consumerism has affected our environment, it’s important to first understand how fragmented the fashion industry is. There are thousands of actors involved in this complex global production of clothes. And although the fashion industry is one of the world’s largest consumer industries, generating over $1.6 billion in annual apparel and footwear revenue in 2016, it’s also leaving a severe impact on our environment. Although the fashion industry is not the most obvious contributor to the environmental and social footprint, it’s a considerable one. But fortunately, it is also one that has the tools, resources and creativity to make a stark change. In fact, The Boston Consulting Group and Global Fashion Agenda have estimated that if the fashion industry successfully addresses the issues, the world economy will gain about €160 billion annually! …

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As we’ve all heard before, it takes 6–8 touches to generate a viable sale and while your website might be great at bringing visitors in, only 2% of web traffic converts to a sale the first time. Marketing and sales departments have an abundance of tools at their disposal. Re-marketing and retargeting are tools that find a way to reach out to the other 98% of people and get them to convert. Re-marketing lets you show ads to people who’ve visited your website and clearly showed interest in your product or service. Because you will be marketing to customers already in the buying cycle, the ROI for this rather inexpensive tool is incredible. …

If you (as a brand) haven’t figured out the importance social media plays in your overall success, you’re way behind the playing field. Over the past century, retail has undergone periods of consolidation. Large chains kept growing at the expense of small ones and the only small ones that survived with the tech savvy and agile —leveraging social media in every way. Social media plays a crucial role for a retailers success for many reasons. One. It‘s a platform to express the brand’s voice and build it’s reputation. Two. It serves as a two-way channel between you and your customers. And three. …



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