Photo by: Chelsea Pryor

I love the way you move me from within

Something so beautiful resulting in sin

Hearts detached from what never was

Feelings of lust never love

Holding on to what’s keeping me,

I love the way you move me

Wind rides through my mind and races through my body

Open fields of embrace take control, there’s no stopping

Late nights of sorrow and heartache remind me…

Thoughts of lost lush lacking space and opportunity

And yet I love the way you move me

The loss in your presence presumes me

With the sway in my hips and bounce in my hair, you still me

Yet your hand on my back and kiss on my neck, shakes me

Those moments shared never fade with your absence

Though I can’t move, you hold my emotional abilities at ransom

Contradictory to my words, yet a dictation of my ambition

I love the way you move me

Sweet as the melody I sing, something in me starts to ring

Those eyes, lips, and talent take me beyond my intentions.

Though I never fathom a rush such as this,

my reality lacks direction envisioned

Rough motion of this road, yet so tender enlightens me with every kiss

Gone so fast, up so slow unfortunately this endeavor I have missed

Come back, take on this perception of this swift movement, just do it

Explore me, after all I want you

Love, you move me

-C. Trullie

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