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Jul 24 · 1 min read

Statement by Truman President and CEO Jenna Ben-Yehuda on Mueller’s Testimony Before The U.S. House of Representatives

Washington, DC — Following Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony before the U.S House of Representatives today, Truman President and CEO Jenna Ben-Yehuda issued the following statement:

“Americans owe Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller thanks for providing his testimony today to the House of Representatives and for his decades of service to the country. It is very important that Americans were provided an opportunity to hear the contents of his report first-hand.

What is clear — and extremely worrisome — from today’s testimony is the extent of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential elections. Current U.S. policy leaves this nation vulnerable to foreign interference and creates a grave national security risk for our citizens. The need for bipartisan legislation to better prevent election manipulation has never been greater.

Americans alone must choose their president. After the damage Russia did to American democracy in 2016, Congress needs to take concrete steps to ensure the security and sanctity of America’s future elections.”

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