Trump Redux 3/11/2016: Making America “Great Again” Chicago Edition

Last night in Chicago, Donald Trump’s never-ending plight to stoke up a race-riot just about succeeded. Luckily, he bailed & left the mess for others to clean up.

Donald Trump is not sorry. Politics is a zero sum game, & in Trump world the end always justifies the means — anything goes.

His stump speeches are nothing more than pieces of performance art starring Donald Trump as a populist crusader promising to “Make America Great Again” by way of wanton demagoguery of every issue.

Last night in Chicago things got out of hand, again, & Trump wisely pulled the plug on his rally. True to form, he accepted none of the blame — his words are always taken out of context, & it’s everyone else’s fault for mistaking his noble populism for self-serving fascism.

Make no mistake, Donald Trump is a dangerous megalomaniac — he’s a coward and a racist. That’s the only context to take him in.

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We want to hear from anyone who would like to tell their Trump story. We will verify every story before we make it public — we aim to put an end to this whole idea that he pushes about being treated terribly & misunderstood.

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We have backers who are putting up considerable amounts of money specifically for anyone in Trump’s immediate orbit to break ranks & do the right thing.

People deserve to know exactly who Donald Trump really is before making the decision to hand-off the football to him. Efforts by his political opponents to shame his supporters into changing their minds have only served to bolster their resolve.

This strategy didn’t work in 2004 against Dubya Bush & it will not work this time around either. Turns out people don’t really like to hear that voting against their own self-interest is stupid.

We aim to report the details of Donald Trump’s life through a series of first-person narratives & let the chips fall where they may.

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