Day 1,094: Trump’s latest idea to prepare for climate change: ‘mops and buckets’

Jan 19 · 2 min read

Melting icecaps are leading to massive, worldwide rises in sea levels. Those icecaps melt as greenhouse gases increase in the atmosphere, leading to warmer and warmer climate. That’s putting coastal cities in imminent danger. More floods, more costs and more damage are sure to wreak havoc on the communities for billions of people over the coming years, with scientists warning that the effects will soon be irreversible.

Donald Trump, meanwhile, is a climate change skeptic. Despite near unanimity among scientists that the threat is real and has catastrophic effects for the world, Trump doesn’t even understand the difference between weather (day-to-day atmospheric conditions) and climate (decades-long atmospheric conditions). That’s true even as the world has seen more “100-year” storms, floods and other climate-driven events over the past decade.

So as the New York Times detailed a potential $119 billion seawall that could help defend New York from rising sea levels, Trump took to Twitter and not only doubled the price of the sea wall, but lambasted the idea. Despite having no scientific, engineering or environmental background at all, Trump thought “mops & buckets” were a better solution.

Trump would have people believe that sea levels aren’t rising and sea walls aren’t necessary.

Except Trump sought to protect his Irish golf resort.

From rising levels.

Using sea walls.

Turns out Trump is only a climate change skeptic when it comes to other people’s property. When it comes to his own, mops and buckets need not be the last resort.

1,094 days in, 368 to go

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