Day 1,113: Oh hey, Donald Trump acted like a lunatic again, this time during post-impeachment speech

Feb 7 · 2 min read

The media’s failure to adequately compare Donald Trump’s behavior to presidential — or even everyday person — norms has been one of their biggest failures. There is a tendency to compare Trump to Trump, when literally hundreds of his statements or actions would have been cause for an immediate and serious alarm for any past president.

Thursday was another one of those days, where any elected official shrieking in such a deranged manner would be wall-to-wall coverage for days or weeks.

Trump decided to run an acquittal victory lap, even though the race was rigged from the start. His method for celebration was a rambling, bizarre and conspiracy-laden speech that was full of lies and vitriol and divisiveness. He delivered the speech while surrounded exclusively by allies who hooted and hollered during Trump’s missives.

For 62 minutes, Trump decried ‘woe is me,’ looking for sympathy or attention or something else.

He stumbled and sniffed into complete incoherence.

He cursed.

He name-called.

He bragged about propping up a congresswoman because of “lik[ing] her name.”

He reduced another congresswoman to “look[ing] good…like good talent.”

He also bashed Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) for voting with his conscience to convict Trump; insulted FBI leadership, calling them “scum”; accused Democrats of wanting to “destroy our country”; and all-but admitted to obstructing justice when he fired former FBI director James Comey.

For over an hour, the sycophantic crowd laughed and celebrated Trump’s musings as if he were headlining a stand-up comedy special. When Trump noted that he dragged freshman Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) to a victory in 2018, Hawley beamed like a six-year-old who got a new puppy from daddy for Christmas. Trump — without an ounce of shame — would congratulate his actual children for not grifting, even though that’s exactly what they’re doing.

In the history of the White House, Thursday might have been the oddest speech ever given within its walls. Republicans continue to enable Trump’s boorish behavior. Everyone else just pretends that Trump being Trump is going to continue being the new normal.

1,113 days in, 349 to go

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