Day 1,115: Vanity-in-chief: Trump laments real photo of him as ‘photoshopped’

Feb 9 · 2 min read

Donald Trump should be obsessed with the economy or American troops overseas or a rapidly-warming planet. Really, his focus should be on anything that has real effects on the nation.

Instead, as usual, Trump remains obsessed with how he looks. This is a lifetime pattern.

In September, Trump lamented how White House light bulbs made him look orange. He’s engaged in a years-long debate regarding his finger length.

He’s a man who cares not only about his physical appearance, but others as well. He mocked the height of aides like Jeff Sessions and Sean Spicer and former political rivals like Marco Rubio. He loathes the way facial hair makes people look. He greatly prefers people who “look the part,” as opposed to people who are actually qualified for the part. Just this week, he boiled down the qualifications of two female congresswomen to how their name sounded and their physical appearance.

With that said, it should come as no surprise that Trump is presently hyper-concerned about his appearance in a single photograph. Specifically, the one at the top of this piece that shows a plump, burnt sienna face encircled by a pale ring of skin.

A Twitter user turned that shot into a black-and-white version and Trump decried that it had been “photoshopped, obviously” and complained that he looks like nothing like that.

In reality, the photo’s color scheme had been played with but there was no photoshopping. The odd tan lines at the edges of his face are real.

No matter what, the issue isn’t the image, it’s Trump’s fixation with a single photograph tweeted by a random Twitter user. His preoccupation with it almost defies belief. Search Twitter and there are thousands of photoshopped images of Trump, but something about this particular non-photoshopped image dinged his being enough that he’s drawing even more attention to it.

Ironically, it’s Trump who gleefully tweets out photoshopped images of others, as he did just last month with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

1,115 days in, 347 to go

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