Day 118: Comey Memo Final Straw for Many Republicans on Trump

News broke yesterday that James Comey kept many memos detailing his conversations with Donald Trump. The New York Times — apparently not failing — reported that Trump asked Comey to let the whole Mike Flynn/possible treason thing go just a day after Trump accepted Flynn’s resignation.

Even Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), chairman of the house oversight committee and someone who spent years futilely banging the drum against Hillary Clinton, admitted that memos such as the one being reported raise substantial questions regarding whether Trump attempted to impede or interfere with FBI investigations.

Plainly, the question is just how much evidence there is that Trump committed obstruction of justice.

In perhaps the clearest sign that the GOP is finally turning on Trump, not a single Republican would appear on Fox News for an interview to offer even a tepid explanation for Trump’s behavior. Worse, the borderline state-run media was forced to admit that fact on television.

Donor are closing wallets.

And the people continue to slowly turn against him.

Congressmen, donors, the common man. Lose all three and it’s hard to find anyone that will support you or your policies. It becomes next to impossible to get anything done.

In 24 hours, it has become a lot clearer that Trump is in real danger of not only losing the presidency, but also his freedom.

118 days in, 1344 to go

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