Day 154: Trump’s Whopper Tour Continues in Iowa

Trump traveled to Cedar Rapids to rally the base and candor was far from the focal point throughout the night.

At this point, everyone knows why Donald Trump holds occasional rallies across the country. It’s very little about getting policy messages out and more about making himself feel good. He can see people cheering him on. He can see that his schtick is still penetrating the vulnerable-to-manipulation part of the nation. Oh, and he can sell them merch and solicit donations too.

Trump traveled to Cedar Rapids, Iowa last night to spread the gospel of Trump, despite the local paper begging him to stay away.

Trump showed up anyway and, as usual, managed to sneak in some lies and absurd statements along the way.

On the Paris Agreement:

For the record: The climate deal is 100% non-binding and no one has standing to sue over non-compliance in any jurisdiction. The again, contracts and other written agreements have never been Trump’s forte.

On immigrants:

For the record: That’s been the law for 20 years.

On energy and the border wall:

For the record: Democrats and Republicans in Congress got together and blocked a border wall. It’s extremely unlikely to ever happen. Even if a wall does get built, Mexico isn’t going to contribute a dime. Also, “the higher it goes” actually has no affect on the amount of energy captured. Trump was correct, however, that he does have a ridiculous imagination for things he doesn’t understand.

On poor people:

For the record: Beyond Trump’s gross comments, the rich people in charge can still easily profit in their new positions, despite resigning from a high-paying job. They are also in a position to be able to make decisions and manipulate markets that can positively affect their friends, families and cronies to the detriment of some of Trump’s aforementioned poor people. It’s business as usual, just in positions where they wield more power.

154 days in, 1308 to go

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