Day 208: Trump Turns to Teen and Conspiracy Nut For Support

Clearly upset after a second attempt to rebuke neo-Nazis fells flat, Trump went back to his favorite 140-character medium.

Donald Trump largely got a lukewarm reception regarding his second attempt to rebuke of neo-Nazis and domestic terrorists after their violence in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend. It turns out bragging about yourself, reading off of a TelePrompter in a largely monotonous voice, and missing your first opportunity to vilify evil by a mile two days earlier don’t lead people to find your remarks to be full of sincerity.

So Donald Trump did what he normally does when he feels down: he took to Twitter, hitting all sorts of craziness along the way.

Just weeks after praising the company, Trump blasted Merck less than an hour — again, it took Trump 48 hours to denouce white supremacists whose protests led to three deaths — after its CEO, Kenneth Fraizer, left Trump’s advisory council because of Trump’s reaction to the violent weekend. (CEOs for both Under Armour and Intel would soon follow Frazier’s lead and leave the council.)

He made sure he had time to hit Merck again a few hours later on a similar note.

After bragging about being in Washington D.C. for a few hours, Trump realized his second statement about Charlottesville also went over like a lead balloon.

The obvious implication from Trump’s words is that the only reason he gave additional remarks was to satisfy the media.

Trump then retweeted a 16-year old who was just praising him, apparently to make himself feel better.

Of course, Trump wanted to mix in some foreign policy and warmongering with a Fox & Friends retweet.

Trump ended the night with two dandies, even by his standards.

First, he tweeted something that could have been written by a child, which we gladly pointed out to him.

Can we get the man some Hooked on Phonics, please? It may work for him!

Finally, Trump retweeted an alt-right nut job — who claims he’s not a racist despite photos of him posing with racists — who was so excited to be retweeted that he posted numerous videos of himself celebrating the occasion.

This person has peddled the Pizzagate conspiracy, is buddies with Alex Jones (who is currently arguing that the Charlottesville violence was actually perpetrated by Jews posing as white supremacists) and pushed the falsehood that the left held up “Rape Melania” signs, when in fact it was someone at his direction.

Again, Trump retweeted a deplorable individual just hours after complaining the media didn’t like his second statement regarding the Virginia domestic terrorism.

Who could’ve imagined that someone who traffics in conspiracy theories and blame-shifting would tout someone with the same ideals to further their own agenda?

208 days in, 1254 to go

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