Day 223: Trump Casually Threatens War With North Korea, Then Remembers Hurricane Harvey

This morning, Trump took the ole Twitter machine and indifferently threatened war with North Korea. It’s just another day in 2017 America.

Only after that tweet did he realize a deadly hurricane ravaged East Texas.

He can be forgiven for forgetting about Harvey since during his trip to visit the region yesterday, he was mostly concerned about crowd-size and optics since he “didn’t meet a single storm victim, see an inch of rain or get near a flooded street.”

But the daylong visit, during which President Donald Trump spent far more time in the air than on the ground, gave the optics-obsessed president some of the visuals he wanted, as he checked in on the government apparatus working on relief efforts and was buoyed by a roaring crowd of locals.
And it showed that the president, who often obsesses about crowd size and fame while speaking in hyperbolic superlatives, would not drop those traits even amid hurricane cleanup. He praised his Federal Emergency Management Agency administrator, Brock Long, for becoming “famous” during his frequent TV appearances, talked repeatedly about the historic nature of the storm and marveled at adoring Texas residents who greeted him.

Proving there is literally a tweet for every Trump occasion, in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Trump tweeted the following about Barack Obama:

Fifteen minutes after his Harvey tweet, Trump immediately pivoted to blaming the media for false reporting — he didn’t specify regarding what, but it’s worth noting that the press have been incredible on the ground in Texas this week — and a tax reform speech in Missouri.

Trump wants you to know his heart goes out to the Harvey victims, but not so much that he remembers them before threatening North Korea or gives them more than a quarter of an hour of his thoughts before blaming the media or pushing a political agenda.

223 days in, 1239 to go

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